Matale – Aluvihāra Rock Cave Temple

Aluvihāra; Luminous Cave Temple is synonymous with the teaching of the Buddha. Aluvihāra rightly assumes its significance in the annals of the history of world Buddhism. It is in this very location that the Tipiţaka was documented on palm-leaves. “Assembled the priests, who here compared their texts, which were then, or soon afterwards, committed to writing, and form the Banapota or Buddhist Bible. This took place about ninety-two years B.C.” “Therefore, to the enlightened Buddhist” says Major Forbes in his work Eleven years in Ceylon written in 1840 “This secluded and comparatively unpretending cavern must be of infinitely greater interest than the Temple of the Tooth or Thupārāma itself.” Aluvihāra also preserved with it a host of rich literature that had woven around the Tipiţaka including commentaries.

Aluvihara-2 Aluvihara-entrance

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